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Coat of Arms of Chile

Benjamin Leavenworth
Honorary Consul of the Republic of Chile
Consulate of Chile to the United States of America
The Bourse Building
111 S. Independence Mall E. Ste. 785
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Tel: 215-829-9520 x401
Fax: 215-829-0594


Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Jurisdiction:  Pennsylvania, Delaware and South Jersey.

The Consulate is open to the public by appointment only. If you would like to speak with the Honorary Consul, please call or email with your contact information and include the nature of your request.  For more information and services about our Consulate, go to our Embassy website.




Appointed by the government of Chile in 2005 as Honorary Consul of Chile in Philadelphia, becoming one of the youngest in Chilean diplomatic history to hold this position.




  • Facilitating economic, education, and cultural exchanges between Chile and the Tristate  area
  • Protecting the rights and interests of Chilean nationals and citizens
  • Acting as liaison for official government and business delegations
  • Encouraging the development of Commercial, Economic, Cultural and Scientific, relations between Chile and the Unites States.
  • Helping Chilean citizens in distress or other emergency situations
  • Issuing passports, national identity cards, and travel documents for Chilean nationals.
  • Grant visas to foreigners visiting, studying, working or staying in Chile

The Consulate of Chile in Philadelphia offers additional Consular Services. For a detailed description and list of these services, please visit our Embassy website.



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